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Holistic and Compassionate Midwife Care for Your Home Birth Experience

Meet Audra Phillips, CPM

Certified Professional Midwife

Audra has had the honor of supporting over 300 families during their childbirth experiences. Her midwife journey began in 2000, when a dear friend asked her to hold sacred space at her home birth. Audra then trained as a doula and a midwife. She has been attending births as a midwife since 2006.

Current Certifications

  • NARM Certified Professional Midwife

  • AAP Neonatal Resuscitation

  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

  • NARM Preceptor


Audra is continually finding ways to best nurture and support the families she works with through continuing education and by implementing best practices. Areas of interest include the following trainings she has participated in to facilitate empowerment, bonding, and connection for families; Upledger Craniosacral Therapy, Bonding before Birth with Suzanne Roberts, and Gary Perterson's Baby Storytelling. She is a current student of APPPHA's Pre and Peri-natal Psychology Educator's course and Somatic Experiencing.

Audra served on the Midwives Alliance of North America, Board of Directors, as Treasurer, from 2009-2012. She is past President and Legislative Chairperson of the Ohio Midwives Alliance, and current Accountability Board member. 

Audra lives in North Columbus and has two sons. Some of her favorite things to do are spend time with her family, laugh and talk with her friends, eat delicious food, skinny dip in ponds, and dig in her garden in the spring. She is passionate about social justice, health equity, and ending racism. Audra has a grounding yoga and meditation practice that reminds her every day that she is a spiritual being, connected with gratitude to Source and all that is. 


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What to Expect

We provide primary care throughout pregnancy, birth, and the weeks following birth, for you and your newborn. Hour-long midwife appointments allow time for getting all your questions answered, preparing for birth and a growing family, learning about healthy pregnancy, listening to your babies heart beat, and so much more. Holistic care encompasses the physical,  emotional, mental, and spiritual. 

The Art of Midwifery
  • Individualized care and attention.

  • Expertise and skills that support healthy families.

  • Respect of choice and self determination.

  • Honoring of individual life experiences, culture, and needs. 

  • Experience, integrity, and lots of love.

Midwife Care Includes
  • Hour-long prenatal visits​

  • On-call availability from 37 weeks of pregnancy until birth​

  • Attendance of labor and birth by two midwives​

  • Four to five postpartum appointments​

  • Breastfeeding support​

  • Newborn care up to 6 weeks after birth


Audra works with a Collective of Midwives to provide the best possible care. We limit the number of clients we care for, so that we are fully present and available to families. 

Shared Decision Making

Midwifery care allows for parents to be decision makers and puts them at the center of care. Audra works with families to create an individualized care plan, based on our combined experience, evidence-based practices, intuition and values. 


We make time to get to know one another and build a relationship of trust, creating a safe space for you to strengthen your connection to your self, your knowing, your baby, and build confidence in preparation for birth.



"Audra is an outstanding person and amazing midwife. She is loving, connective, professional and compassionate. I was grateful to have her support during pregnancy and for the home birth of my third child. If I choose to have another child, I will look forward to having Audra as a part of my birth team again."

—Sheena Bayo

Home Birth

Mother Breastfeeding Baby

When you birth in the comfort of your own home, you have the freedom to move, listen to your body, and be as you need to be. You can create an environment that allows the natural process to happen. Midwives trust the innate wisdom of birth parents and babies. We know giving birth is a natural process and that intervention is generally not necessary. Every person should feel safe in the environment in which they give birth. A gentle, supported, and healthy birth creates a life long imprint of connection, peace, and empowerment for the family.

Many families we work with choose a waterbirth. Water is a great tool for easing labor and a creating a gentler birth for baby. You can rent a birth pool or purchase one to own. Clean up is easy too. 

To learn more about our services, please schedule a free introductory appointment. Home birth is safest for people with low risk pregnancies. Ask the midwife, if you are not sure if your pregnancy is low risk. A health screening is part of the care we provide.  

Your midwives can connect you to the birth community by providing referrals to childbirth educators, supportive practitioners and more.

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy supports the bodies innate healing, nourishes the nervous system, and helps relieve stress and tension. It is a light-touch healing modality, great during pregnancy or anytime in life. Sessions last about an hour. To schedule an appointment, contact Audra. Audra received her training from the Upledger Institute. 


Please note: At this time, Art of Midwifery, is not accepting new clients. Please contact Lora Hart, CPM, with

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