Columbus Midwife Collective

The collective is a group of midwives who share support and resources. One or more of these lovely midwives attends each birth with me. We also back each others practices for planned or unexpected events.

Lora has been attending births since 2009. She holds a MEAC degree from National College of Midwifery and has 

served birthing families in California, Utah, the Philippines and Ohio. Lora has served on the boards of California Association of Midwives, as well as Ohio Midwives Alliance. She is the mother of two grown daughters and grandmother of one small scientist. She is passionate about providing an environment wherein families are empowered, respected, and informed.

Rachel has a BFA with a focus on Women, Gender & Sexuality from Ohio State University. She began attending births in 2008, graduated with a MEAC degree from National College of Midwifery, and became a NARM Certified Professional Midwife in 2013. Certified through the Association of Placenta Preparation Arts, Rachel is owner and founder of Columbus Placenta Encapsulation

Jamie has been supporting women in birth over 16 years. She is a certified and licensed midwife. She has worked overseas in both Asia and Africa and is now serving women and families in Central Ohio. She is passionate about women having safe, empowering and healthy births. Jamie is mother to three lovely boys.